Easy way to go to 1Utama from KLIA2

One World Hotel is a very pretty hotel.

It is next to 1Utama shopping mall.

If you come to Malaysia,I would recommend One world Hotel to you.

Because One World Hotel stands in very convenient place.

And there are some big commercial facilities.

They are called “One Utama Shopping mall”.

And there is a station the name “Bandar Utama”of MRT.

MRT is a very new rail road.

It is very clean, and it is comfortable.

One World Hotel is between 1Utama shopping mall and station Bandar Utama.

I love One World Hotel. And I recommend it. Because the breakfast of the One World Hotel is very delicious.

 There are many kind of food.

For example, Asian, Chinese,Indian,and Japanese.

If you want to eat all kind of their, you will need about three or four days to eat.

One World Hotel also has very good rooms and Facilities.

Another reason why I recommend One World Hotel is that 1Utama shopping mall is the biggest shopping mall in Malaysia. It is loved in a hometown.

Secondly, I show you how to arrive to One World Hotel from KLIA2.

KLIA2 means Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2.

There are some ways to go there from KLIA2.

But I only recommend one way, it is the best way.

The one is to get on the “Sky Bus” to 1Utama bus terminal.

The bus arrives there directly. It takes about One hour or takes a little more to 1Utama.

When you ride “Sky Bus” you should buy the ticket before.

The ticket is one-way RM15.

There is the ticket counter on Level1.

The bus platform is on Level1 too.

Go through Exit2 and go to A10.

Finally, If your airplane arrive at KLIA from your country, you should move to KLIA2 from KLIA.

There are two way.

The one is by Express train. It costs only RM2.

Another way is by free shuttle bus.

The bus departs from Level 1 floor.

You can find the guide signboard “Free Shuttle to terminal KLIA2”.

The bus platform is near Exit No4.

I warn you one, there is a signboard written “Bus station Klia2 Terminal”,

But it is an incorrect.

It is a paid bus. Do not be wrong.

After the bus arrived at 1utama, north of new wing,

Please go to the south direction through the shopping mall.

You can find One World Hotel in the edge of south.